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Psy-Ops or Cyclops?


Bob notes this spot-on quote from Stacy McCain:

It is always a mistake to think of independent voters as moderates or “centrists.” It is more helpful to think of them as “low-information voters” who don’t pay much attention to politics, and whose judgments are influenced more by superficial impressions of candidates than by deeply held political beliefs.

Spot… not.  “Independents” is a huge spectrum, some of whom are as described. But wait! There’s More!! “Middlers,” “moderates,” “undecideds,” “swing voters” and now, in STEREO!

Stacy misses a significant and perhaps politically dominant sub-group: Disaffected and disenfranchised libertarians, fiscal conservatives and social conservatives not served by Republican affiliation. They are independent precisely because they are informed. They are the ones who stayed home in droves for Bush I & II and McCain. They are the group that makes-up the plurality if not the majority of Tea voters. They are what accounted for the tsunami of ’10.

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