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Eric “I… have a Muffin Gut” Beerlert disses the SEALs.


Note to Meeja Madders’ Eric “I… have a Muffin Gut” Beerlert…

Hey, true heroes… have guts!

If by calling our SEALs and Spec Ops professionals “gutless” you are referring to commandos’ lack of beer gut, then “six-packing” is probably a better term.  (Which reminds us..  Ever heard of sit-ups?  It’s crunch time, lad.)

UPDATE: The Daily Caller.

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  1. macmanjim permalink
    2012/08/17 14:27

    Don’t you know situps and even crunches are bad for the back?

    • 2012/08/17 14:34

      Oh, well, nice to see he’s taking care of his back, then.

      • macmanjim permalink
        2012/08/17 14:35

        There are other exercises that work the core without damaging the back.

      • 2012/08/17 14:47

        Yup! Kama Sutra is loaded with ’em.

        Great weekend, Jim!

      • macmanjim permalink
        2012/08/17 15:00

        I’d send you links, but that isn’t what I had in mind.

      • 2012/08/17 16:54

        I’d send YOU links, but you’re not my type?

        : ]

      • macmanjim permalink
        2012/08/17 16:55

        Not your type?

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2012/08/17 15:10

    Nothing beats this.

  3. 2012/08/17 16:26

    Exercise might help his “core,” but how about his heart, mind and brain? It’s useless. He’s a raging Lib. Thanks for linking Yos!


  1. Muffin Top Eric Boehlert Calls Americas Perfect Male Specimens, Navy SEALs, Gutless | Maggie's Notebook

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