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When Will Liberals Understand That It’s NOT the Salesman…


…it’s the used CAR?

Silence of the Liberals: Obama’s Failures Are Making Liberals Very Nervous

We predicted this eight years ago. If Democrats and the left nominated Obama, based on that vapid, mellifluous address to the Democrat Convention in ’04, and “he” were to fail, they’d not be free to go ad hominem on him.

The problem with the old car isn’t the salesman in the golf outfit… it’s the engineering.

[Shame on us for listening to the used car salesman while ooohing and awwwing Styrofoam columns in the backdrop. - Ed.]

Judge Scott T. Horman Orders Photo and Name of Officer Jerry Bledsoe Removed From Citizen’s Internet Postings


The Blogfather has links.

YouTube link here.

Look at it this way: Judge Scott T. Horman and Officer Jerry Bledsoe should be proud of their actions, yes? All The more reason to shout ‘em from the rooftops.

The Annual Flower Show 2014


. . .Crocus 2014

. . .

Raise The Minimum Wage! “An, Um, Modest Proposal”


…Though only for all civilian federal employees and contract workers.  All of ‘em…

…to, say, a standard of ten times the national median.  That would raise the base living wage to, what? about 500K per year?  Something like that.

Yes, yes, you’re right.  But think on this awhile…

Just exactly how many employees could feral gubmint agencies employ?  F’rexample, the Infernal Revenue “Service” would be left with what percentage of agents afield? The EPA? Or, how many DHS wet teams could they deploy to raid your place for expired drivers’ licenses?

By setting the federal employee & contractor rate subject to a national datum, we mathematically limit the total that may be on-board.

Well, that was fun.

Alternatively, it might make better sense to go the other direction entirely: for Feral workers and contractors to have compensation capped at 75% of the median national (free market) rate AND require that it includes all “benefits,” to be paid in tax-free cash towards purchase on the free market, without ‘group’ benefit.

Want eternal job secrewity? Fine. It’ll cost ya, babe.

An whatever we do, terminate governmental immunity and make them personally liable for damages for misconduct.

[Hey, Yos - how about this: We simply raze the minimum wage? - Ed.]  Great idea!

War on Aspiration: ‘Average’ Barbie Is Just as Fake


Yet another example of the Left’s war on aspiration…Via The BlogFather:

Kudos to VIRGINIA POSTREL: ‘Average’ Barbie Is Just as Fake.

. . .

“Waiter? Where’s my diet Coke?”

. . .

When I was a little girl, my favorite dolls came from Mattel and had wildly inhuman proportions. To me, they were magical and special and didn’t look the least bit strange. But once, probably when I was making a Christmas wish list, my mother let her adult perspective slip. “You mean,” she asked, with a disapproving edge, “one of those dolls with the huge heads?”

Barbie is not supposed to have anthropomorphic proportions; She’s supposed to be aspirational.

Making average look unrealistically alluring — Lammily also has oversized lips and eyes — is a concession to market realities. “My doll is a cool-looking doll that just happens to be average,” Lamm told Fast Company. “Very few kids are concerned about body image like parents are.”

Concession to market realities? Sure, but that’s not the point; it’s an unconscious concession to Art and to the realities of human perception. Not all that scales does so at a uniform rate if it to be correctly understood.  Kids aspire to be happy; that’s what make Barbie such a hot product.

Lammily’s enhanced eyes and mouth are also a subtle admission of defeat; they tried but didn’t understand the problem. Barbie’s creators are indeed right about something: The Message.

What Lamm & Co don’t seem to understand is that Barbie isn’t literal; she’s figurative, semiotic. She’s about a little girl’s enjoyment of beauty in the present, not a “body image” standard for future reference.

Barbie is also a promise of happiness; her facial expression is positive and uplifting. That’s her primary selling point. Plain as the bright eyes and gentle smile on Barbie’s face, the expression she wears all the way to the bank.

Our bet?

Lammily will sell well to Leftie adults. Their kids, however, will leave Ms. L. on the shelf and go next door to play with their chums’ Barbie.

The Tea Party Is Dead! Long Live The Tea Party!


Yeah, yeah. Thanks Glenn! For a full three years now we’ve been hearing about the demise of the Tea Party; Spent force, defeated, dispirited, licking wounds, Oh-Ver…

It could be that It’s Not Dead,

But our take is that Everybody’s Happy as the Dead Come Home.

Well, not everybody, but Sarah is!

Via Ace: “Newsmax Plans a “Kinder, Gentler”Right-Leaning Television Alternative to Fox”


Yeah, sure. The last moron who served-up “kinder, gentler” conservatism was, IOHO, not ‘zackly the brightest. Then his spawn offered up “compassionate” conservatism. The former bequeathed us “B.J.” Clinton, the latter, “Oh” Bummer.

Our analysis:
Ruddy is misreading the market. Fox, constituted as it is, fills the “center” void rather brilliantly, and caters to libertarians and conservatives rather weakly. Moving a “conservative” format to the left of Fox may grab some of CBSABCMSNBCRT’s small market. We have our doubts if it will take a significant portion of Fox’ share.

Look to the Blaze to take some of Fox’ share, however. The libertarian and constitutional conservative Right is yet poorly served.

Our prediction:
Newsquish NewsMax will flop, The Blaze will shine bright.


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